Hi  i'm CARMALY and welcome to my first blog  'WRITING MY OWN MOVIE' this actually means two things 

the first thing is  taking control of my life, writing my own script, choosing who i want to appear in my movie and who i really don't need or shouldn't allow in my movie. as a student of kabbalah this is very important to me.  at the moment i don't seem to have much control in my life, as a sufferer of severe m.e. my life is limited by severe pain, fatigue and brain fog, i have to live with my parents and my mam acts as my carer. i am also mostly housebound and in colder months bed bound. so you see how important it is for me to try and take charge of my life and write my own script. 

but the second thing it means, is i am literally  writing my own movie, among other things. one of my coping mechanisms growing up was writing - song lyrics, stories and then screenplays. another thing was singing, i guess i was born with a pen in one hand and a microphone in the other. over the years i wrote lots of songs and even recorded a couple, i worked with lots of producers but they lacked the drive and commitment, not the right equipment or they had no time or money.  a few years ago i started writing a screenplay that incorporated a lot of my songs and that is the movie i am working on now.  

so thats it the reasoning behind my blog, a journey of self exploration and creativity.